Heli Forklift Truck

Heli Forklift Truck had been in Vietnam market. Anhui Heli Group (合力叉车越南独家代理) has established a representative office forklift distributors in Vietnam market. Heli Forklift Vietnam authorized to provide unique product for BINH MINH FORKLIFT Co.,Ltd.

Heli Forklifts are the best products on the market Chinese forklifts line with the diversity of models. The products are suitable for all working conditions and work space.

Heli Forklift Truck

History Of Agent Heli Forklift Vietnam

In 2013, Anhui Heli Factory signed an exclusive agent with Binh Minh Forklift Company Limited.

In 2013, dealers in Vietnam sell 50 HELI forklifts.

2014,  We sell more than 100 diesel forklifts, electric forklifts.

In 2015, 200 new forklifts are distributed in the Vietnamese market.

In 2016, The total number of HELI forklifts sold by dealers is 298 units.

At 11/2017, we grew by 200% over the previous year. The number of imported vehicles is 550 Heli forklifts.

Sales Policy And After-Sales Service Of Agent Forklift In Vietnam

Committed products are available in a variety and large quantities at warehouses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Delivery time is fast, within 24 hours of receiving the first deposit from the partner.

Free labor with 03 maintenance periods in 12 months.

Assist national delivery and delivery to Heli forklifts.

Warranty is free within 12 months from the date of delivery of equipment.

Spare parts are available up to 80% of the total forklift.

3 Ton Diesel Forklift 

Bán xe nâng chui container chất lượng

Model: CPC30/CPCD30

Engine: Xinchai C490/ Isuzu C240

Capacity: 3000 Kg

Load Center: 500mm

Lifting Height: 3000mm – 6000mm

Catalogue 3 ton diesel forklift

Electric Forklift Four Wheel/Three Wheel 

Giá xe nâng điện Heli

Model: CPD10/CPD35-GC1/GC2

Engine: Motor AC/DC

Capacity: 1000 Kg – 3500 Kg

Load Center: 500mm

Lifting Height: 3000mm – 6000mm

Catalogue Heli electric forklift

Warehouse Forklift

Xe nâng điện mini Heli cao cấp

Model: CBD, CDD, CTD, CQD…

Capacity: 600 Kg – 2000 Kg

Puchasing Contact Information

Agent Heli Forklift Vietnam by:


Headquarters: 3rd Floor Phuc Dong Building, Dam Quang Trung Street, Long Bien District, Ha Noi City.

Southern Branch: D02-06 Senturia Vuon Lai, An Phu Dong ward, 12 District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Businessman: Mr Quang sales in Area 2.

Hotline: 0963 17 77 93

Email: phiquang.heli@gmail.com